May 23, 2006

Jag talar bara litet svenska, trolls!

Before I rush out to babysit little Bluebell Madonna Halliwell, I thought I'd comment on some new pop going around the blogs. It will be interesting to see how all the new synth duos shake down over time. Most of these bands are indie and need better production (if you've heard The Upper Room demos, you'll know what I mean- the final versions are so much better). What's GREAT is how easy it is to create your own music in your bedroom in Oslo! Everybody's doing it, why can't I? While it may be unfair to lump them all together, some clever kid even started a thread on PopJustice about all these duos: Boy Duo Ejaculation Reference List

Homoeclectic covers two of them: LoFi Fink and Le Sport. Both duos have their special qualities, though I think Dangerous Muse has more money! Try LoFi Fink's "City", which sounds like PSB and Le Sport's "It's Not The End" (MP3) which sounds like New Order.

Here is a bonus Le Sport track, a fun cover of Wham's chestnut "Last Christmas" (thanks
Tremble Clef!) I think I am leaning to Le Sport, but we'll see...

Meanwhile, the lone chick popette is Nelly Furtado, who I have not paid attention to since 1999, when she was falling out of a tree, you know, like a bird. Sparkpop has her new b-side "Undercover," which I would consider single worthy if it weren't for the fact it is a total Gwen Stefani ripoff. I mean, shockingly so. I like it anyway.

Speaking of 80's pop, did ya'll notice that Jody Watley of all people, who is now like a nightmusic indie queen, has just released a very smooth version of Madonna's "Borderline"?

PS: For all those enamored by the Swede Synthpop this week, please note that Jay Jay Johanson is did it first and better than all these cute kids. Check out the 2005 MP3 for...

"The Last Of The Boys To Know"


homoeclectic said...

Someone else who knows Jay-Jay.


It's my favourite album to listen to whilst cycling around in the crisp winter, wistfully thinking to myself that I'm all alone and no-one loves me and that I'm going to die alone.


xolondon said...

I guess Jay Jay is not very well-known eh? Which is ashame. All the Pet Shoppers would like what he has to offer.

Please, I react to every song while I'm all alone... and no-one loves me and... I'm going to die alone! :)

Paul said...

oh that is so 80s to die alone. I'm sure some stray cat will keep you company ;) I really like this song and feel inspired to check out more JayJay.

I was reacting to Hallelujah (JB Version) on the train to work this morning and some girl caught me reacting and mocked me. She was so not a top spec bitch either! I will not be hated while reacting ;)

xolondon said...

what a bitchy person to mock you. Slag! Whore!

Your cats will eat your face when you die alone. I saw Trainspotting so I know. Even the kittens will eat you.

I am surprised you are not up on Jay Jay. I will send you some tracks soon. Automatic Lover is my fave.