May 13, 2006

It's all black and white for me now

Other People's Problems, the probably divine debut record from Brighton's The Upper Room (BUY IT!) is coming out on May 29. 4 album tracks are now up on their myspace site. They say their mission is to "create the classic album, the finest pop songs, and steal your hearts." They have done just that. This is the finest BritPop debut since the Keane record in 2004. The wonderfully soaring new single Black And White (which obliterates the piece of wank Keane just dribbled out) is available now.


1. All Over This Town (video link)
2. Black And White (makes
Paul swoon, rightly so. video link)
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Your Body (on
5. Never Come Back
6. Kill Kill Kill (Stephen Duffy eat your heart out! on
7. Portrait
8. The Centre
9. Once For Me (sounds a bit like Lorraine, on
10. Girl (on
11. Combination (very 80's.
video link and free live download)
12. It Began On Radio

Expect much coverage of this CD on this blog and maybe another. Notice also that the album cover is a UK map, appropriately green? Awwww...

The Upper Room Her Alibi
(can't believe this isn't on the CD!)


Paul said...

there will be much posting regarding my second fave new band of the year - and what a lovely green post that was :) Better than black and white... and so lovely in concert. see! no double entendres there (I don't like to stick things in where they are not appreciated, fnar!!)

xolondon said...

see my answer to the other post (DSL post)

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Paul said...

colour me upper room album green with sickness that Black&White only got to number 22 :( Which is still good, but you watch keane rocket into the top five in a few weeks and tell me where the justice is in that?? Boo England BOO!

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homoeclectic said...

I've been listening to OPP all week, and I have to say it's surprisingly good - not as accomplished as the Keane debut was, it still has enough going for it for me to hit repeat every so often.