May 31, 2006

Fuck it. I am doing my own promotion.

Sometimes, when someone else can't do it right, you just have to do it for yourself.

Four balls-out amazing Goldfrapp remixes, all from's fan remix competitions (here and here).Most are better than the professional mixes. I give my utmost praise to these 2 remixers. I'd love to hear more of their work. This reminds me of the legendary Bjork Remix Web.

Update: New interview with Will on Goldfrapp Message Board (scroll down a bit)

1] Ride A White Horse (Disco Chic Mix) expired
Could've been called Studio 54 Mix because this one whips up a Chic meets Sister Sledge meets Grace Jones and Andy Warhol cocktail. LOVE it.
Mixer: Alec Negus

2] Satin Chic (Love In The Club Mix) expired
Cute little Star Wars R2Dr blips with a sort of cheaptastic Morodor synth toggling in the background. Loive the Europoptrash nonny nee nana bits.
Mixer: Alec Negus

3] Ride A White Horse (Dens54 Rodeo In G-Minor Remix)
Starts with new agey synths/keyboard, but pulls it together with a solid mix that may even incorporates a Mirwais/Gap Band influence. Gets sort of martial in the final 2:30 minutes.
Dens54 (tons of mixes)

4] Satic Chic (Hotlips Mix) expired
What happens when Alison shimmies into Dr. Who's Tardis and ends up in a speakeasy, forced to do what she does the best. I love hearing what other fans find in these songs.
Mixer: Alec Negus

Thank you to Dens54 and Alec.

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M. said...

great mixes thanx for posting :D