May 10, 2006

For your complete entertainment and destruction!

Read about their live orchestral show Monday night in London

We must wait until October for the Pet Shop Boys book, Catalogue

Oldie MP3: "Positive Role Model"

Oldie MP3: "We're The Pet Shop Boys"

New interview in a rag called Boyz


Paul said...

i love it when people show me the back sides of hot things ;)

shayne said...

Fundamental is brilliant. The Richard X extended mix of Fugitive is un-freakin' believeable. Yes, it's THAT good. Pure genius.

xolondon said...


Shayne, I like Fugitive a LOT, but I am not sure it is totally brilliant. It's a case of a very nice song with excellent production, but I don't think the track has as many nooks and crannies and the best songs on Fundamental. I WOULD swap out Psych, etc for Fugitive and WILL in my Xolondon version of the new album. :) I am glad you posted, btw...

shayne said...

I love Psychological, especially the last minute. I don't know if I'd swap out anything on Fundamental - the album works really well as a whole. As brilliant as they are, The Resurrectionist and Fugitive wouldn't really fit in with the rest of Fundamental. Ideally, Neil and Chris should do a whole album w/ Richard X, or at least a 6 track EP. Btw, do you like the Michael Mayer mix of Flamboyant?

xolondon said...

You're on PJ aren't you!

I think "Fugitive" fits in with the themes on Fundamental quite well. I need to hear all of it as it was meant to be heard before I realllly decide what I think.

I am not of the school that thinks Richard X is perfect, but I like that he not whored himself around on every project the way some producer/writers do.

Yes, I like that "Flamboyant" mix - esp the more serious, elongated introduction.