May 15, 2006

Do I seem to eager to please?

KEANE podcast

Go to iTunes
Click on Advanced Tab
Click on Subscribe to Podcast
Then type this into the box:

Two songs are previewed here. The first, "Nothing In My Way," debuted on this blog (right!) last week in its live form. The studio version's multi-tracked vocals on the chorus are quite nice. A classic Keane song. "Leaving So Soon" sounds like a good breakup song - it's single material - though I don't hear what Tim calls the "Motowny feel."


Paul said...

thanks for the podcast info - my faith in Keane is not restored (its hard to get back in my good books once you piss me off with trash like Is It Any Wonder), but its a couple of notches above the faith i have in the shockingly bad Mrs Robinson album ever being a hit... Shudder

D'luv said...

XO, did you download the new single from iTunes? They added it today.

xolondon said...

OOh no, wash your nouth out! I don't like that song. I am hoping that it will sound better within the context of the CD, though I hate the opening track ("Atlantic") even more.