May 16, 2006

Calling Alexis Strum, and other news

XOLONDON: [ring ring ring] Alexis? La Strum? This is Xolondon calling. Yes, it's really me. What? really, I'm just like you...I'd fill my own gas tank if I had a car. Anyhoo, I am calling to ask when the fuck your album, Cocoon, is going to be out? When will you update your site and give me some clues about your career? What? excuses! Please bitch! You are talented and fucking beautiful, so where is your album? Did the butterfly die? Maybe you should just set the visuals of that video to a better single? ...[sigh] ...what? no, I am not crying. [click. dial tone.]

In other potentially not-fake news...

Have you checked out the Guardian Readers Recommend? A theme is chosen and readers write in with songs to match that theme. I hope flash drives drop in price so they can be the new mode of delivering mix tapes.

Public note to Babs Nelson: I tried to put the Giles quote about libraries on my work blog and I had to take it down as the powers that be thought no one would get it.

Jefitoblog has started doing a Pet Shop Boys career post, so you should check that out. Meanwhile, Tremble Clef is reviewing Fundamental over several posts, giving it the scholarly ear. I totally disagree with Edward at Enthusiastic But Mediocre that this record is lesser to BWO. Not close, no way baybay!

My favorite ex-Sugababe, Mutya Buena, has a myspace page where she is mysteriously popping up demos every other day. Strange. Mutya, save the stuff for release on a proper record this fall, please. I will buy your shit, I promise. I love you Mutya Buena.

Madison Park, I have not forgotten you. Stay tuned... and dancepop trolls should check out Arjan's post on their upcoming CD.

Guilty admission: I sold the new Josh Rouse record today. I kept it for a few months out of loyalty, but then I burned it and am selling the disc. I guess it's hard to maintain quality at the speed with which Jeff has been releasing (essentially an album of 10 songs each year). The new one is sadly lacking in all aspects. I would not mind the lack of production if it had any actual tunes. There is one lovely though, the breezily erotic It Looks Like Love.

PopJustice has the new Dannii Minogue album cover and a funny post about her. Hey, I'll buy it: in the gym you can just pretend it's Kylie. Plus she has some good songs!

Homoeclectic has an MP3 of Dream On, the Christian Falk song that is a collaboration with Robyn and my new golden calf, Ola Salo of The Ark. This blogger is intriguing to me - a great (and funny) blog, out of nowhere, with some very interesting tastes, like 90's stringpop act My Life Story. Hmmm, WHO IS Homoeclectic!?

The new Annie song is pure shit. Listen to Gogo's Beauty And The Beat to hear how that music should be done. End of story. I don't want to hear another word about it.


Paul said...

haven;'t you been a busy little beaver today. As a wiseman once said, Alexis Strum is "so... march". Get with the times buddy ;) Hey at least she took your call :(

V said...

It's like reading a Musto column.

xolondon said...

this post is actually cobbled together from some stuff that was sitting in blogger. Plus some new stuff of course.

I didn't tell Alexis that she was "so...March" but if she doesn't get her butt in gear, she is.

Sorry about Mrs. Robinson. Stupid name for a group anyway, isn't it?

V, I will never be as clever as Musto!

Brittle said...

Thank you for the plug. Yes, my ear is a bit scholarly, ain't it? Not to mention slightly waxy. Part 3, which will be about the music, baby, might be a little less so.

BTW, I saw your comment asking me about something, and I did email you, from my gmail to your aol address -- it may have gotten bulk-mailed.

homoeclectic said...

So - what intrigues you?

xolondon said...

ha! Part of that is just my hyping you. But you are like the fab new stranger in town. Do you post on any boards like PopJustice?

babs said...

I don't think I'll ever be as clever as Musto either, but I'd love to be.

I think your boss is not giving people the benefit of the clued-in as well, the Giles quote is cute and comments nicely on the tension between comps. and books. (Not that I can really make that assessment about your boss).

I will check out the pet shop boys stuff.