May 16, 2006

Bitty bits

#1: Greetings Euphoric Peoples! Pet Shop Boys posts are here and here and here ("Minimal" review) and here ("Integral" review)...

#2: I predict the creamy smooth Elliot (always my fave) vs. the diarrhea-inducing Taylor for the AI finals. oops, I said that before La McPhee's OTR performance.... hmmm..that changes everything!

2#a: Spoiler: Wanna know who will win American Idol? This person has been number one every single week in the votes, according to the very accurate Dial Idol.

#3 Bobby Caldwell
What You Won't Do For Love


Paul said...

I have been idol free since my poor little Diana DeGarmo was robbed in 2004. Still at least she has gone the debbie gibson route and done broadway. Don't cry out loud, luv!

plus its hard to get excited about idol when it is aired in england two days after the results show airs in america :( All the fun is taken out of it. Is taylor the silver (non)fox? What happened to the bald rocker? I am so out of the loop.

xolondon said...

Oh Paul. I have not a kind word for Diana Degarmo, sorrreeeeeee. The bald rocker got kicked off and America gasped. I didn't - he was a Scott Stapp ripoff who was full of himself.

Taylor reflects America's strong committment to cheesiness and mediocrity. :)

Paul said...

Diana DeGarmo = my new (not so secret) shame. I'm crying out loud :(

split chick said...

aww, I like Diana too, Paul. Have you heard her album? "Cardboard Castles" rules.

As for the show, I think Taylor is going to win. He annoys me a lot of the time, but it cracks me up that Simon Cowell will have to market somebody like him.