May 15, 2006

Been dere done dat: Xtuna vs. Madonner

Aguilera, Summer 2006:

Madonna, Summer 1991:


babs said...

The thing that I object to particularly is the Marilyn Monroe shot. Was okay with Madonna due to the Material Girl video. Is unforgiveable with xtina and okay, I did like "Genie in a bottle."

And am curious about the fact that I don't hear any of the Madonna cd on the radio. I only hear "Hung Up" on the show that runs the videos at night along with the news. What the hell is up with that?

xolondon said...

Madonna seems to be doing okay on her album sales but America doesn't like true pop music anymore, IMO. They like shit hybrid crap like that awful Black Eyed Peas. Or they like strippers like Pussycat Dolls, who might as well be called Vagina Dolls.

Xtuna tries too hard with her looks copped from Marilyn, Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Thing is, she really is not that pretty either. I say that lovingly!

split chick said...

I think she's pretty, but her boobs look horrible in the GQ. I was kind of hoping she wouldn't do the whole naked thing this time around, but I guess not.