May 27, 2006

80's flashback: The Style Council

Doesn't it seem like there must be a version where Paul's hand slides into his pants? They must've been watching Another Country before they did this video... The Long Hot Summer. Likewise, those Jam fans must've been shitting bricks over their icon!


Paul said...

how disappointed was i when girls aloud Long Hot Summer was not a cover of this track? Ditto 2 become 1 by jewel wasn't the spice girls classic and Only In My Dreams by steps wasn't the debbie song!!

D'luv said...

OMG, XO, this is pure gay porn.

xolondon said...

It's hard to connect the grizzled dadrock man of today with this hairless kid. And it's only twenty-two years so in between. I think Paul stopped wearing sunscreen at some point!