April 3, 2006

XO's Wayback Machine: March 31, 2004

For all the little pop tweeters who have recently started reading this blog, I thought I'd take you back in time, to around the time this blog started. You know, like Doctor Who.

Here is a personal favorite: my review of Janet Jackson's Damita Jo CD. As the collective we know now, the world agreed avec moi on this one. Let's hope for far better from Miss Jackson in 2006.

I have updated the post with color and a visual aid, since we didn't have those things back in tha day. Fuck, I had to walk 15 miles in snow drifts to even post something on the fucking Internets. xo

1 comment:

Paul said...

i'm a little giddy from the time travel. I didn't buy DJ and even though i didn't read your blog at the time, maybe the space time continuum collided and somehow i was influenced by it ;) I loved Rhythm Nation and janet. Someone played throb at a church dance once and we all had to go to a sermon on the evils of devil music! good times...