April 18, 2006

What I'm listening to now, April 18

1) "Stay Until Summer" Alexis Strum. That's Alexis above, doing her best Virginia Woolfe. I cannot get enough of this song, especially the beautiful middle eight. Thanks to Paul at
Zappin' It To Ya for giving me this one. Alexis, please release your fucking album, even if it is full of slow ballads, of which this is the finest. [MP3]

2) "Transatlantic Flight" Lorraine. When I first played this, all I could hear was PSB. Now it seems fully Lorrained. This is going to be a major album, though I fear a Rachel Stevens scenario for them (flop). I'd expect this one to end up as a single. [
hear it on myspace]

3) "Live With Me" Massive Attack with Terry Callier. I posted on this a few weeks ago. Passionate love song set against strings filled with menacing grandeur. My co-worker thinks its a crime of passion song, something to murder a lover to. [iTunes link]

4) I'm Not Dead - the Pink album. I kid you not bitches! I really love this record! It's the kind of CD you learn by playing it over and over in the car. It's insanely catchy and not too much of anything. If I had to pick one song to download from itunes, I'd choose "Who Knew." And by the way, Pink was rocking before Kelly C. [
iTunes link].

5) "Lazarus" Sophie Solomon with KT Tunstall. I have to admit I am not a KT fan, but I think this simple song she recorded with violinist Sophie Solomon (for Sophie's CD Poison Sweet Madeira) is really... exquisite. You don't hear songs like this on the radio. I've racked my brain over who it reminds me of and can't come up with anything. [

Notice Keane, now a U2 clone, did not make the list. Grrrr.

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Paul said...

poor keane - although i have listened to that song a lot this week and I am not totally loving it but i guess it doesn´t fit the sunny life i am whoring up in gran canaria... alexis however is totally being my beach bitch. It sounds even better with sand in your toes (not like that dreadful dido song) and glistening torsos all around. Sadly not my jelly belly though... i look forward to getting home and downloading KT as well. Love her.