April 26, 2006

That's f-ing insane.

Everyone's talkin' about this video. It's an incredible piece of editing, splicing together the cultish "Attitudes" show from the late 1980's with new footage of Coldplay doing their REM-inspired song "The Hardest Part." Please note that while Gwynnie stole her "personal style" from Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, her husband is featuring an xolondon-inspired haircut (or non-haircut, as it were). At least that's what I think.


countpopula said...

OK, that video needs a disclaimer that one should not be eating anything before or during! Absolutely hilarious if that was the intention. Undoubtedly this video will attract more attention than "Talk" did, cute as it was (what did it all mean?)...thanks for the link!

Brittle said...

What a biological freak show.

Those old people were weird too.