April 28, 2006

Swag for u.

Arjan has the clever new Imogen Heap video (and some other Immi-related links) for "Goodnight And Go." She looks beautiful in it. Meanwhile, M3online has some of the new Immi MP3s. Buy them too in legit high quality (they're on iTunes now and on CD May 8).

You Ain't No Picasso has Rufus Wainwright doing one of my favorite standards, the oh-so-sad-used-in-the-finale-of-Cheers "What'll I Do." Note that his mother and aunt sound like singing mice on this rendition.

An Aquarium Drunkard has one of the most perfect ballads of the jangly alt 80's: REM's "Perfect Circle." If any of you tweeters is too young to know this song, download it and see what you think. And no, no one can really tell what they lyrics are, but it's a weepy classic.

I got tons of hits for my PSB "Minimal" post below, so I hope I gained some new readers!


orange anubis said...

hey, thank you so much! i was drawn here in search of goldfrapp's high-heel-in-the-face-of-preston, but this from the wainwrights is just lovely!

xolondon said...

Am glad you posted...stick around!