April 24, 2006

PSB Spoiler: Thoughts about "Integral"

Integral is everything a Pet Shop Boys song should be. It's their most bombastic track since Left To My Own Devices - you can just hear Neil saying, "more strings! make 'em more massive!" A few bits I love:
  1. The political lyric about our suddenly Orwellian society and the fact that nothing is deemed private anymore.
  2. The way the strings actually SLAM on the opening of the second verse (just after the 1 min. mark). People's heads will surely explode a la "Scanners" when they hear this on a huge sound system.
  3. The slightly Eurodisco quality to the song.
  4. The spoken bits: Sterile. Immaculate. Rational. Perfect. (note: that's pronounced "ster-aisle" for the Americans)
  5. The last minute of the song is like a glorious, messy orgasm.
  6. How many takes did Neil do to get that final "puhfect"? It IS.

I would love to post this track, but fear I'd be totally shut down as it has yet to be released. While we wait, check out Tremble Clef for a song called "If Neil Tennant Was My Lover."


D'luv said...

You're a cruel, cruel tormentor! I always knew all you D.C. boys were teases ;) Sigh... guess I'll have to make do til the CD's out.

countpopula said...

The wait is absolutely excruciating! Luna Park was a fantastic song though, so this must be REALLY excellent. Wonder what's cooking for the stateside release...time's a tickin'...ticktockticktock...

M. said...

lol, i posted all of Pinks new album befor it was released and nothing happend to me lol

daavid said...

Wow, I like exaclty the same things about Integral! There's something about it though that I'm not crazy about, the chorus. As some people have noticed, it sounds a bit like "Beds Are Burning" and I think the guitar (there is a guitar on it, right?) is a bit too much. Also, the vocals on it are not that great. Still a very, very good song.