April 27, 2006

New music: The Upper Room

This post is courtesy of Paul at Zappin' It To Ya! Paul introduced this band on his blog and I am expanding on his refined taste...

First though, what is it with British bands and the sublime art direction? Good logos, good fonts, fresh faces! In this case, a DOT THEME. The Upper Room
website requires you to drag dots all over the place (or cheat with the nav at the bottom). It's all very Put Me In The Zoo, no? They've even turned the whole website black and white in honor (honour!) of their upcoming single.

Regardless of how it all looks, it sounds great too. They have a very pure and verrrry English vocalist, decent lyrics, and the ability to move between crunchy and acoustic easily. Being of a certain era, I hear a lot of echoes in their music. Vocally there is a lot of Stephen Duffy (whose pop folky
The Lilac Time albums are due for rerelease in May). They even channel like Billy Bragg a bit on their excellent b-side Up In Smoke.

I worry that there will be a desire to label every band the new Arctic Monkeys, but The Upper Room take care to point out that they started recording this record in Dec. 2004. The upcoming single is
Black And White - due on May 8, with a video link on their news page. The album is due in summer.

The Britty booty is here: the acoustic version of
Black And White that got my balls rollling when Paul posted it. Also, the aforementioned b-side, Up In Smoke .

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Paul said...

ooo colour me (black and white) excited to read this! I am going to see them on May 10th - one week after my birthday fact fans - in this really tiny venue so can´t wait...

Plus! (no time to do two comments) Goldfrapp do Preston? I think i just baked a little cream pie in my swimming trunks....