April 6, 2006

Moz, Track 4, The Youngest Was The Most Loved

The youngest was the most loved
The youngest was the sheilded...
The youngest was the cherub

2:59? Go Moz! I love how you hear the opening lines and think, "Oh, that's me!" until you realized the youngest becomes a serial killer! This song has received much attention for the children's choir singing "there is no such thing in life as normal," but my fave bit is the la-la-la stuff at the end. Upbeat and definite single material.

Sonorama also has this MP3


Paul said...

I wouldn't kiss Morrissey - i don't care if he is Irish :)

xolondon said...

I am not sure Il Mozolini would kiss you either. But you might not say no to his guitarist Jesse Tobias.

D'luv said...

Do we know yet or not if these torrid-'80s-affair-with-Pete Burns allegations or true or not? If so, that tryst is best described as Slightly Disturbing Fabulosity.