April 16, 2006

Links for your basket...

It's Easter, trolls! Do you have on your Easter bonnet? Are you looking for your eggs? Are you drinking a mimosa? Do you have a full basket?

Oxygen Chunks posts links to Rachel Stevens talking about each track from her masterwork Come And Get It (love seeing "masterwork" precede that crap title!). Watch a few and you'll get a sense of why some pop fans are so hard on her. She's not exactly Marie Curie... in fact, she is beyond inarticulate. But I love her so back off! Here for just 5 days is a freebie, the dippy b-side: "Waiting Game"

Kwaya Na Kisser, which is like an archive of rarities, posts some great Sujan Stevens rarities from recent days. The best is "Lord God Bird" - gorgeous song he wrote on commission for NPR. You can even download the story about it!

Finally, no music here, but you should keep your eye on Euphoric, a great PSB website, as they'll have the latest info in the final month before the release of Fundamental. Please also note that these are the final 2 weeks of The Dent, the world famous Tori Amos fansite. A notable recent link is to a new interview where Tori reveals that her next CD will be back to the old rage-tastic Tori. When this site goes, Tori Amos will find a huge part of her PR machine missing!

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