April 21, 2006

I'd like it if they'd like us but I don't think they like us.

One of the great unanswered questions of our time:

Why the fuck is Square Pegs not available on DVD?

You'd think that someone would've put it out when SJP became a huge star. For the love of God, someone help me!


D'luv said...

I watched this show when I was 9 (1983, right?) But the only episode I remember is when John Belushi was on playing either the principal of the school or a teacher, and called Jami Gertz "Muffler."

Of course, LaDonna was always my fave character. My friend across the street used to sleep over and we'd wrap sheets around ourselves and pretend to be LaDonna.

I think that'll be my starting point when I finally go to therapy.

babs said...

Like, oh my god. I totally watched that show because I'm a mega pop cult. whore.

Liked it a lot, though what I've seen of it now, I realize yet again, I only got like half of the humor. Oh right, drugs. I was in a small city in Pa. Drugs wasn't on my mind. It warped my little mind when the kid who played Johnny showed up on Star Trek 3.

It was on TV Land there for awhile, or that's where I was watching it last I think. I remember that Devo played someone's bat mitzvah, and there's a sleepover where the wanna-bees are wearing lingerie and the popular kids are wearing flannel.
I liked Tracey Nelson's character and thought the dumb dark haired guy who always wore a leather jacket was quite hot. (Today's shallowness).

I remember looking back on it being curious whether SJP got a nose job or not. I don't think she did.

God, Jamie Gertz was on every 80s sitcom and movie. She was on Facts of Life, Less than Zero and this.

D'luv said...

Say, Babs, where from in PA?

The Time Machine said...

Loved that show when it first aired! Couldn't get enough of it and knew in my heart of hearts that it would get cancelled.

It may be the reason that it isn't out on DVD is the same reason that other shows like "WKRP" will not see the light of day at retail. Music licensing of the pop music makes a lot of television shows difficult to move onto the world of DVDs due to the high costs of royalties. Some shows released in the last couple of years have had to change the songs that originally aired on an episode in order to make it to DVD. It's odd watching a show from yesteryear that has a different soundtrack.

xolondon said...

That's probably true about the music. Hopefully they can work it out. It BEGS to be on DVD.

babs said...

Am from the Allentown area. Near Philly. Farm country. You know five years behind New York in terms of fashion, music, and so forth. I occasionally have to remind friends of mine who are stunned that I haven't heard various alternative music from the 80s that we only had one night for alt. music Friday night, out of a philly/scranton station that now sucks. Which is probably I watched so much tv.

babs said...

Regarding the royalties, that's probably why. And yes, it deserves dvd treatment.

It is really disorienting to see one of those shows with different tracks.

I have seen WKRP with diff. tracks on Nick and they do it with the Northern Exposure eps. The music was such a big part of the shows.

But then music is such a big part of my vida loca.

Canuckfuck said...

Like gross me out the door ...

Are you Punk?
Punk? No. New Wave. Totally.

Anybody remember the name of the group the two guys put together? Open 24 hours!