April 14, 2006

Call the police there's a madman around

In anticipation of the new Pet Shop Boys album (which is getting sadly mixed reviews on fan boards), we have the West End Girls. When I first heard about them I thought, aww fuck cheeky girls singing bad version of "Rent" me no like. Truth is, I lurve PSB songs so much that I give anyone gold stars for covering them. WEG are 2 Swedish girls - aren't they all? - named Isabella and Rosanna. Their CD, Goes Petshopping, is due out ... I don't know. The new single is a cover of "Suburbia" out on May 17. The actual Pet Shop Boys have mentioned them on their own website, so clearly the boys are not hostile.

Butwaitheresmore! A PSB rarity:
"It's Alright (10" version)"


Paul said...

how did i not know about these little vixens? I was MAJORLY obsessed with the a*teens (my friends held an intervention!) so i am assuming i will instantly love them. I am going to halt my Veronica Mars catchup session to download these little doozies. Cheers ears :)

xolondon said...

Have a great vacation! I don't know what we'll do without your updates. And think of all the homework you will have when you get back, catching up on blogs...

I hope your ipod is fully loaded!

D'luv said...

Wow, thanks! I only had "Domino Dancing" from the first PopJustice podcast back in December.

I actually own the original 10" vinyl for "It's Alright" :)

And, West End Girls are good, but don't even go there with Devo 2.0