April 1, 2006

"Call me Bubbles, darling, everybody does"

Friday night television has become so fokkin' Brittastic that I cannot leave my house - or my flat, as it were. At 9 pm, we have the new Doctor Who on the SciFi Channel. This one stars Christopher Eccleston as a very enthusiastic Dr. Who and Billie Piper as his sidekick, Rose.

Fans of British Pop know that
Billie was a cheesy pop star in the late 90's, whose career tanked after 2 albums, at which time she hooked up with the infamous Chris Evans, dethroned radio god in England. The paparazzi then followed Billie for several years as she did nothing with her life but walk down streets to pubs, usually with horrible roots. She has since left Evans and done good with this series, in which she is quite spunky. If you have not watched, let it fill your Battlestar Galactica void, though it's considerably more lighthearted than that very earnest show.

After Who, we catch 20 mins of the near-perfect 3rd season of
Little Britain on BBC America. My fave characters are Bubbles ("Champagne darling!") Devere, the ginormous sex-crazed minx and her rival Desiree, who must be seen to be believed... they always end up nude and in shocking sexual situations.

At 10:20 pm BBC has Nick Park's
Creature Comforts, a show which welds Park's claymation creatures (different non-human species, like slugs, rats, moles and woodpeckers) to interviews with what I presume are real people, talking about various subject like gardens or clowns. It's hilarious and really sweet. Park does a brillant job of matching the voices to the various animals, insects, etc. I really love it when the interviews feature someone who is inarticulate, has a lisp, or seems to fall asleep mid-interview. This show concept pre-dates Wallace And Grommit, but I am just catching up.

So you see, I cannot leave the house on Friday night! I must turn down my many invites...not since the days of Homicide and X-Files have I been so nailed to the couch.


Paul said...

i think i have a little crush on you ;) i LOVE the new Dr Who - second season starts in UK at easter which gives me a big barty crouch happy. Don't worry about staying in on a friday - its the new tuesday. Or something!

V said...

Saw the first showing of Dr. Who. I thought it was nicely done. Some really funny moments like when the last "human" on Earth brought that big ol jukebox and said that it was an ipod. And proceeded to play Soft Cell. :)

I like Little Brittain as well. I love the sketch with the "only gay in the village" always funny!

Love Creature Comforts too!

Have you seen the one where practical jokes are played on random people on the streets?

D'luv said...

Wasn't that dumb ho bangin' some queen from one of those British boy bands, too? What a whore she is.

Paul said...

she was *banging* Richie from 5ive but then she dumped him for some ginger dj called Chris Evans and its not the hottish guy from Fantastic 4.. :( Now she is going to be the ultimate whore ~ Sally Bowles in the British revival of Cabaret :O

PS ~ Watch Out Billie by Nerina Pallot was written about her

xolondon said...

I wonder who Zoe Lucker is banging? She just thrills me to no end. I totally want to be her (or Tanya's) best friend.

babs said...

ooh, such a dangerously sexy lineup, not that I get BBC America. But, Christopher Eccleston as a hot Dr. Who. And what I saw of Little Britain I rather liked. Plus, Tom Baker does the intros, and he's one of the earlier Drs.