March 7, 2006

Why don't we play I'll wear your star

Don't forget to go out and buy Goldfrapp's Supernature today. You won't regret it. The special edition is loaded with extras on a DVD. Meanwhile, if you have been in a convent for a year, you can hear the album for the first time on AOL (thanks Arjan). And yes, that is "Ooh LaLa" playing in the Coke commercial where the girl gets a haircut.


V said...

Even though I have the import, I will get this new one as well. I'm now a devoted fan. :)

Trasha said...

i kind of wish i would have downloaded the album and just bought the US version. how often is the US version BETTER than the "import" version???

xolondon said...

A few notes: the new cover is just a slipcase - the old cover is inside. But still.

It has the best DVD I have seen on one of these packages. Lots of videos, mini EPK, etc.

Not to mention the inclusion of the fantastic "Beautiful" (aka "I'll Wear Your Star").