March 4, 2006

Who are these librarians chatting?

If you are over 30 years old, you know these two people. There is a hint in the post below. Truth is, they look really health and happy, don't they?

PS: They aren't really librarians, but they DO dress like my colleagues. Exactly!


V said...

Living on that farm in New Zealand did them pretty good, didn't they? Musically, what are they up to? Alanah looks good and so does Tom. They've held up pretty well.

All in the Name Of Love! Yeah!

Brittle said...

I'm bitterly disappointed to see that they are no longer wearing those neon gloves with the fingers snipped off. Oh man, did I ever want to emulate that particular fashion "tip" in the 80s.

xolondon said...

You can probably still wear those gloves at the gym, if you venture into the free weight section!

babs said...

Okay, I feel utter chastened as I can't identify them. It's probably the way they're shot or something.

I'm over 30, I swear.