March 22, 2006

Tonight's news

Prince's new CD 3121 is not nearly as good as its wishful-thinking reviews. It does have a few decent songs, including "The Word" and "The Dance." I believe the latter track goes back some 20 years. Don't even get me started on the uber-tacky photos that he includes in the CD booklet - pics of his tacky LA manse. Why not download this lovely Prince instrumental, "Alexa de Paris" instead? It was used in the yacht scene above, with Kristin Scott Thomas, in Under The Cherry Moon. UPDATE: I already sold the Prince CD!

Amy Millan of Stars has her debut solo record, called Honey From the Tombs, out in May. Find an authorized first taste, called "Skinny Boy," at I Guess I'm Floating. UPDATE: Boring song, but better than Jenny Lewis.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are offering a sneak sample of their classic rock-ish new single "Dani California" from the new Stadium Arcadium epic. The sample comes in at about 2:22 of the video trailer.

Madonna has a three-disc remix LP out soon, in vinyl only. Consider yourself warned that the remixes, all from Stuart Price, are a mixed bunch. His re-do of "Get Together" is a major disappointment, while "I Love New York" fares better. I suspect her live performances will feature the Paper Faces mix he did for "Let It Will Be" - that one changes the melody. Meanwhile her recent "Sorry" mixes all come in friendly "radio edits" on iTunes.

Douglas Coupland writes a terrific Morrissey non-interview in The Observer. Check it out. I am liking this record more and more, but it's a grower. Meanwhile, stream Il Mozolini's new CD.

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