March 13, 2006

Today's newsy bits (Beatle reference avoided)

1. Some videos to watch: Kelis "Too Bossy" / Lorraine's "I Feel It" / Sugababes "Red Dress" / Franz Ferdinand "The Fallen"

2. Ever the dick, Kanye West gives Arctic Monkeys a compliment by comparing them to Genesis?

3. Stylus reviews Neko Case's new CD. This is an opaque review: they give her a lowly C+ and then alternate between praise and condescension. Strange.

4. For those who know Roddy Frame (aka Aztec Camera), he has a new album (untitled) due out on April 24.

5. For those troll who know Alexis "Bad Haircut" Strum, it appears her album has been cancelled! Her newest single was pretty tepid - they did a video, but cancelled the single release. I suspect she may be switching labels, so stay tuned.

6. Goldfrapp is everywhere except on the road. There is still no US tour: LA and Austin only, with no future US dates scheduled! Good luck to them! Tonight (3/13) they are on Jay Leno and last night their song "Ride A White Horse" was playing in the background on The Sopranos.

7. ....Which reminds me, how 'bout the last 5 minutes of the premiere of The Sopranos!? The whole ep. was crackin' but I think we know how this cliffhanger will turn out...

8. A fan review of Pet Shop Boys new CD Fundamental, now pushed back to late May. He's mixed about it and the thread devloves into crazy fan fighting! Seems like the songs to watch for, based on several reviews, are "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show," "Integral" and the new single "I'm With Stupid" which is rumored to be about Bush and Blair.

9. Finally, Little Britain's Series 3 begins this Friday (3/17) night on BBC America. Tune in bitches!

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