March 10, 2006

"That shit takes my breath away"

It is a beautiful day in DC, sunny and 70's, and I walked a slightly different way to work, feeling the romantic feelings of spring! My listening choice for my walk was "Freedom Road" by The Divine Comedy. This song starts a bit dirge-like, but blossoms beautifully.

We are so overwhelmed right now by the world's disgust with America (and with ourselves) that it is nice to be reminded of positive images of this country. I love these lyrics toward the end of the song:

Well I've seen the power of the lightning storm,
I've seen the endless ears of corn,
I've seen the lakes at the break of day,
And that shit takes my breath away.

But if I were to even start
To tell them how it melts my heart,
Never more would my truck-stop friends
Look me in the eye again.

This from Neil's 2004 CD Absent Friends, a great album. Note that this is a Windows Media file, so it won't open in itunes. Sorry! You can get the song on iTunes.
The above photo, of the street I work on, is copyrighted 2003, by Keith Stanley, from his website

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