March 17, 2006

Something for the weekend...

So my computer now has multiple problems. I uninstalled the AOL and tried to reinstall it before I realized that the system does not recognize there is a D drive anymore. Eek! I cannot even rip music onto my itunes, so I must be content with my current library ("4200 songs and not one I want to hear!"). So it'll be at least 4 days before that is fixed. In the meantime here are some things you should look out for...

PSB: The new Pet Shop Boys single is now on Spark*Pop. It's called "I'm With Stupid" and it's replete with late 80's/early 90's production values from Trevor Horn. It grows on you, but it's not exactly a classic. Lyrics about Bush'n'Blair, listen close!

The Modern: In the same post from above, Spark*Pop has two songs from The Modern: the genius "Industry" (the best song Berlin never released) and another cut called "Sometimes."

Sugababes: I've already blazed about the 'babes Arctic Monkeys cover and now there is a Hard Fi cover too! It's "Living For The Weekend" which they did for Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show and you can get it at M3online.

Josh Rouse: Caffeine-Headache posts the best song from new Josh Rouse CD. "It Looks Like Love" is as breezy as a pantyless Rula Lenska rollerskating in a sundress down a Côte d'Azur boardwalk. Right?

Edwyn Collins started his musical career in a group called Orange Juice. They have a track called "Rip It Up" that is one of the top 50 80's classics, but most Americans don't know the song. You can get it via the always bitchin' Silence Is A Rhythm Too.

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