March 21, 2006

Robyn: Tasty like a French trombone?

Awhile back I posted about the fabulous Swedish pop star Robyn.

Tonight I want to put up her hilarious Curriculum Vitae, satire on hiphop artists' tendencies (hello, Mary J!) to tout personal achievements on their CDs. Love how this gets more outraegeous as it goes, from her Tetris score to the fact that Robyn was "wartime consigliere to the Cosa Nostra." I mean, who knew that she is listed in Section 202 of a UN act?!

I also enjoy listening in the gym to her fucking hilarious "rap" song "Konichiwa Bitches." My trolls know I have been saying that phrase a lot lately...I sponged it off of Robyn. I particularly love the part of the rap at the end, when they lock her in a car trunk and it sounds as if she is rapping through the hood.

Curriculum Vitae MP3 exp
Konichiwa Bitches MP3 exp

These will be up for one week only. If you'd like to purchase Robyn's last CD, from which these tracks come, the cheapest easy spot is via Amazon UK Marketplace. She is totally worth the cash money!

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Trasha said...

::konichiwa bitches:: is so funny! it's on my mp3 player now! :) Thanks!