March 6, 2006

The Oscars

Brokeback should've won, though it lost to an intelligent film (vs. a "picture" like Geisha). More thoughts:

Loved the clip they used for the Amy Adams Junebug nomination
When did JLo become black? Was that a Mystic accident? Get RID of her.
WHAT IS Travolta's hair? It's like Ken Doll hair.
Diana Ossana looked seriously grave. Smile, lady, you won an Oscar!
Clooney's speech. Bless him. Who knew he would end up making two of the most cerebral movies of 2005?
And who knew the Dawson's Creek teen slut would end up on the front row at Oscars? She looked great though.
Loved the Will F / Steve C makeup award, but Stiller kind of grated.
Lauren Bacall is 82!
Dolly looked like she could not have cared less that she lost. She rocks forever.

Why don't they just announce Jack (Nicholson) and send out Owen Wilson instead?
Ungghhh! Salmita! Salmita! Unnghhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Madonna looka lika pretty man. Is that her tribute to Transamerica?
Who thought it was good to have the orchestra playing throughout the speeches? Rude!
Naomi Watts' dress looked like shredded human flesh. Awful to the extreme.

1 comment:

babs said...

I only saw the last hour for reasons that are too long to get into.

I loved your comment about the Dawson's Creek slut. She was my fav. character on that show.

I'd only seen Capote.

I would've liked Brokeback to win, but am not surprised that it didn't. If it wasn't going to win, I was okay with Crash winning instead. The Oscars tend not to favor too liberal movies which is a shame. I remember when Unforgiven won out against The Crying Game.

I think I was okay with most of the people winning.