March 5, 2006

Off topic: The Great Cupcake Wars

Did you know that Starbucks, America's favorite drug dealer, has introduced cupcakes? I have tried both the vanilla (with a candy flower!) and the chocolate and here are the results:

The vanilla is very good, if not great. The smell of the sugar lingers on your fingers in a pleasing way. I told a barista-type this and I think she thought I was a pervert.

The chocolate is too rich. When I say something is too rich or too sweet, well, that means it may kill most people.

Here is a cupcake blog

What I would prefer is Princess Yum Yum's cupcake, pictured above.


ADD said...

I don't know about the barista-type, but *I* definitely thought you were a pervert.

Brittle said...

How exactly did you say what you said to the barista? In a Mary Catherine Gallagher voice? if so, then, yeah, I see her point.

trill42 said...

Alright, well... "Lingers on your fingers" sounds kind of dirty even before you add the "in a pleasing way" but possibly only if you have a slightly dirty mind to begin with. Maybe the barista is the biggest pervert here. Er, there.

There's a cupcake place in Burbank out here, with a cupcake bar, and "regular" cupcakes like "Elvis" (" Peanut butter cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream with fresh banana folded in and a sprinkle of chopped nuts") and French Toast. Haven't been there (yet), but as good as some of their flavors sound, Princess Yum Yum's cupcake looks much better than theirs do. Their frosting looks heavy and glopped on, for one thing. Still... 4 kinds of lemon cupcakes!

xolondon said...

Well, I don't know exactly what I said but it wasn't too bad. This is DC, so the barista was probably pervier than me. :)

babs said...

I love cupcakes. They probably won't have the black and white cupcakes which has chocolate cake and cream cheese with chocolate chips in it. Alas, it's a PA. thing so I don't think Starbucks would have it. It didn't dawn on me until after I left the state that this wasn't a given at potlucks.

I can make them myself, but when am making them I feel bad that I don't make the cake from scratch. I can get over that quickly.