March 29, 2006

Nothing entered me: new Moz single out now

The new Moz single is out now. I bought it yesterday and here are my comments on the tracks:

1) "You Have Killed Me" Hmmm. Nice anal sex reference in this song! It's is a tremendous single, but it's a grower. Love the passionate chorus, "Yes I walk around somehow, but you have killed me, you have killed me."

2) "Human Being" New York Dolls cover - a bit long at 6 mins. Catchy. Good lyrics.
Hear it via Kill Your Co-Workers

3) "I Knew I Was Next" The least of the b's. Maybe it will grow on me?

4) "Good Looking Man About Town" The best of the b's, it has fabulous lyrics: "You still feel wretched / Cause you'll never be naked / With a good looking man about town."
Hear it via Kill Your Co-Workers

All these tracks are on iTunes.


V said...

I wish it was Friday so I can shop for this single already.

D'luv said...

just downloaded it myself. It's doing quite well on iTunes (in their Top 40)!