March 14, 2006

Lloyd Cole update

How have I never seen this picture of Lloyd Cole?! It must have been taken in like 1983, back when he was a young, beautiful literary rebel. You can get a huge version of it at the watermarked link. Lloyd has posted rough mixes of two tracks from his upcoming 2006 release, Antidepressant (working title):

I Didn't See It Coming and The Young Idealists

I have to admit I am not terribly excited. Idealists could end up jaunty, but I Didn't... just lays there. Having said that, I need to wait and see what the final outcome is. I'll buy it no matter what! In his most recent studio journal (you have to open up each entry) he says that the album is more pop than folk and more "exapnsive" than he thought it would be.

Bonus track: 1987's classic pop song Jennifer She Said (wma file)

Meanwhile! A Scottish group called
Camera Obscura has a new single due in May called "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" - more news when I get it!

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