March 10, 2006

Kelis is bosssaaaay

Kelis released a terrific CD in 2004 called Tasty. She is most known for her massive hit "Milkshake" which seeped (heh heh) into the pop culture with the line "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." Can we discuss what that meant? I assumed it was a blowjob reference? Any thoughts, trolls?

The truth is that the CD had even more kickass songs than "Milkshake," from the sweetened pop of "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" to the serious emotionalism of the beeyooteefull "Marathon." She even had the requisite Andre 3000 cover ("Millionaire") which was better than most of the Outkast CD. Kelis is admirable for being more than a hip-hop dolly. She has a brain and infuses her work with all sorts of influences, including rock and pop. In 2005, she even recorded a faithful version of Pretenders' classic "Brass In Pocket" (see below) for a movie soundtrack.

Now she's back this June with Kelis Was Here, featuring collabs with Nas (Kelis' husband), flavor-of-the-month-producer, Linda Perry, Scott
Storch, Raphael Saadiq and even Max Martin. No details other than that... except that she's ditched the Donna Summer look (above) for a shortter, asymetrical 'do that's an homage to Salt'n'Pepa. Scary!

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The Dancing Kids said...

oh, um, gee... I thought she was being literal.

mmmmm.... milkshakes