March 24, 2006

Friday's links

Really Saying Something has a great 80's pop song from Jane Weidlin called "Rush Hour" - produced, I believe, by the esteemed Stephen Hague who is now working on The Modern's debut.

Zappin' ItTo Ya has several mixes of the new BWO song "Temple Of Love" which I dislike. Most people love this, but it's just too Eurotrash for me. Sounds ironically like a World Cup anthem.

For the indie kids, check out the lovely new Brit band Fields. I found out about them from Torr and I think their track "Song for The Fields" is stunning. It's one of those songs that starts out in one place and ends up somewhere entirely different.


Paul said...

hey - i am euro trash :) What can i say :(

xolondon said...

we all have our weaknesses don't we? At least yours is not smack!
(uh, NOT that MINE is!)