March 2, 2006

Evil at work

Michael Jackson's monstrous ego continues its machinations on the Amazon UK pre-release singles list. It is my impression, and I could be wrong, that this list is based on pre-orders. Michael, ever seeking world domination, has decided to re-release all of his singles, a huge number from the CD era, once a week for the next 4 months. What does this mean? That the pre-release singles chart will be dominated by him for that whole period of time. As of today he takes up 10 of the 25 slots and this will go on for months until all the CDs are released. What a dick!

Meme to Michael: Your career is over Chester! Give it up and stay secluded in Bahrain because it's only poor victims of oppressive Eastern Bloc political regimes who still hurl themselves at your limo.

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