March 6, 2006


There's such a wire thin line between good pop and bad pop. Sometimes the cheap and tacky songs are the most euphoric, but sometimes they are the most empty. It's been awhile since we last gazed upon pop-lovin' Martin from BWO, a young man engineered by gay scientists somewhere in Sweden. Pop music junkies can get out the lube because April will see the release (heh heh) of BWO's new album, Halcyon Days. The first single will be "Temple Of Love" and it pains me to say I. Do. Not. Like. It. At. All. I heard it via Catchy Tunes of Sweden and it is uber 90's. Whether that's bad or good is up to you, but it sounds cheap and trashy either way.

If you don't know that BWO is Bodies Without Organs and you've never heard one of their songs and you claim to like pop music, then you need to hand over your keys and ID, bitches! OR you can make up time by downloading "Sunshine In The Rain," "Riding Through The Night" or even the schmaltzy "Open Door" from your illegal service of choice. You can even watch the videos. It's damn near impossible to get their music legally in the States, unless you want to pay with your first born.

Quickie backgrounder: Swedish pop. Debut album Prototype launched SEVEN singles, including PYT and Billie Jean. No wait. Not those, but it really did have 7 releases. Consists of The Wizard Alexander Bard (old bald man in shorts), an aging woman who doesn't do much and the aforementioned lead, Martin, blond himbot extraordinaire. Their new album is described by Bard as half "electronic disco" and half "big-sounding orchestrated tracks."

So... a disappointed sigh from me. Let's gather in a crop circle and pray that the remixes are brilliant.


V said...

Hey, are you posting this message from the future? Or have I gone back in time? It's dated Feb. 23rd! :)

xolondon said...

that's all a mistake - it's not really supposed to be up!