March 10, 2006

As promised, Pete Burns and Morrissey, v. 2006

It's a slow afternoon on the reference Desk, so I will take a moment to to post, as I promised a few days ago, some very recent 2006 photos of Morrissey and his former... gal pal... Pete Burns. Who do you think aged better, hmmm?

The Pete pic reminds me that I was confronted today with a much-carved tranny at Starbucks. She was wearing an eyelet mini-skirt.
If you know what eyelet is, let me say that there was no fabric underneath, just panties. Her face looked very much like Pete's - fake cheebones and big red duck lips. Muy caliente chica drama in Dupont Circle! Willam would totally not have approved!


D'luv said...

I don't buy the affair. But The Moz has certainly aged with a bit more dignity.

V said...

First rule - Mouth shouldn't be bigger than face. :)

She looks like Pattsy did when she made her lips big. (in that Minie Driver episode)

willam said...

thanks for the linkage.
i just wore an eyelet bikini for a taping of that sunset tan show (it was tastefully lined with nude fabric-which was also sheer).
p.s. so the BBC brings us statesiders tasteful drama, unbiased news and tacky soap princesses like Tayna Turner Lazlo almost Gates. Does the UK have a channel that reps America in all it's Dorito'd glory?