March 31, 2006

Ooooh I'm speechless!

Still speechless.

Hmmph. PSB in peril?

So what gives? Are Pet Shop Boys getting a US release or not? Read this statement from their website:

We would like to inform American Petheads that the USA release of Fundamental is under advanced discussion at the moment. We're hoping that it will be released in the USA on the same date as the rest of the world. It is planned that Pet Shop Boys' world tour will begin in North America (Canada/USA/Mexico) in October.

Note the tour info! I cannot remember when they last toured here? I certainly have not seen them. That's the single cover above, by the by. It's due on May 8.

March 30, 2006

Patrick Wolf debuts new music

in London. Lucky dogs that get to go. By tomorrow we'll know all the details of songs from his new CD, The Magic Position, due out in July. That's a new pic above, from his myspace site. Do you think Patrick's page is a "pornography hole," like that ignorant Heritage Foundation slag called myspace yesterday?

UPDATE, March 31: Patrick played in London last night, with black hair for the first set and blond hair after an intermission!! New song titles: "The Stars" "The Magic Position" "Accident and Emergency" "Augustine" and "Get Lost." Of course, the fans are wheezing over whether the new stuff sucked or not. One person literally wrote, "'s just not grabbed me like his previous work... creative peak reached, or should I wait n see..." Oy vey esmir, dumb kids.

March 29, 2006

New BWO cover. Not nearly as bad as it could have been!

Why'd you have to be so cute?

Immi update
A new video is due imminently for "Goodnight And Go" (my 2005 Song Of The Year!). There is an actual CD single of this track out on May 8th and the delish news is that it has a newly recorded b-side called "Speeding Cars" (plus a remix of "Goodnight and Go"). Note that "Speeding Cars" will be streamed at for 1 week starting on April 10th!

While you await those treasures, take a peak at the new Guardian interview with our queen. Note that their take on Frou Frou's success is not really correct. Frou Frou did eventually achieve modest success when the sublime "Let Go" was included on the Garden State soundtrack.

UPDATE: Imogen is touring the US in May! Check her site for details. No east coast dates, sadly.

Why'd you have to be so cute? Part Deux.

Apple Martin in New York. Nice Uggs!

Nothing entered me: new Moz single out now

The new Moz single is out now. I bought it yesterday and here are my comments on the tracks:

1) "You Have Killed Me" Hmmm. Nice anal sex reference in this song! It's is a tremendous single, but it's a grower. Love the passionate chorus, "Yes I walk around somehow, but you have killed me, you have killed me."

2) "Human Being" New York Dolls cover - a bit long at 6 mins. Catchy. Good lyrics.
Hear it via Kill Your Co-Workers

3) "I Knew I Was Next" The least of the b's. Maybe it will grow on me?

4) "Good Looking Man About Town" The best of the b's, it has fabulous lyrics: "You still feel wretched / Cause you'll never be naked / With a good looking man about town."
Hear it via Kill Your Co-Workers

All these tracks are on iTunes.
It's a beautiful day in DC, the first truly Spring-like day. This is also cherry blossom week, so there a zillion tourists willfully getting in my way, but I won't be mean. Really. Besides, there are cherry blossom trees all over the block where I work. Today I'm bringing you two classic pop tracks that rank high on my list. One you may know and one you may not - those might be flipped depending on your age...

Altered Images "Don't Talk To Me About Love" (MP3)
Circa 1984. Scottish. This one, like Morrissey's new CD, was produced by the great Tony Visconti and took them to a sleeker, more Nile Rodgers-y place than their early pop hits. I still love Claire Grogans chirpy bird voice.
Buy it on their Best Of CD

Sophie Ellis Bextor "Music Gets The Best Of Me" (MP3)
2002 pop classic. I love the conceit of this song, that music is The Bextor's Other Lover: "I need you both to get along." It reminds me of my ballerina friend whose boyfriends would get mad when she'd spend so many waking hours at the dance studio. All is resolved in Sophie's song when she sings, "If some held you with a gun, you know I'd make you number one." This was produced by the wunderkind Gregg Alexander. Note how the music actually gets louder at about 2:44, during the c'mon c'mon c'mon part. A brilliant touch, especially in the gym because it pushes you into hyperdrive. Expect new S.E-B music this summer.
Buy the single for SIX PENCE at Amazon UK Marketplace!

March 28, 2006

Rufus: Gitalonnnnng little doggie

Strangely behind the moment, Rufus Wainwright has released a video of his Brokeback Mountain song, "The Maker Makes." This was produced for Logo, the gay channel and includes an interview with Rufus, Lord God King of All Music. Note that this is the kind of song that doesn't sound so great the first time you hear it, but becomes quite pretty after a few listens. My fave part is, of course, the gitalong little doggie part!

Link from
The Malcontent:

photo courtesy of some fan on the Rufus board

Quote of the Week

From James Wolcott, writing in the April 2006 Vanity Fair about Laura Bush's dismay over the condition of the White House when the Clintons left it::

"...the Bushes will probably leave the White House looking tidy. It's the Constitution that will resemble a frayed dishrag when they get done with it."

from "Lost In The White House" on pages 132- 138.

Video of the week: Jenny Lewis "Rise Up With Fists"

Although I am not a fan of the full album, which I found to be a bit uncooked, I think this video tribute to Hee Haw is excellent. Jenny's performance is really clever, loaded as it is with sly looks and June Carter-ish movements. Click on the image to see the video.

Do the shuffle

Sorry I have been away! Better posts this week, I hope. I didn't find this iPod shuffle too illuminating, but I didn't cheat either... regardless, you get a few samples!

"The Gold Rush Variations" The Music Lovers While waiting for their new CD, we can listen to the songs we don't know so well from the old one!

"If You Don't Love Me" Kylie Minogue. Kylie turns this Prefab Sprout single into a jazzy cocktail hour song. Nice vocals. "You can tell me anything, I'll believe you..."

"Invisible" Alison Moyet (MP3). Ahhh!! A classic from high school. The album that this comes from, 1985's Alf is perfect. Everyone should be forced to own it.

"Stand Up For Love" Destiny's Child. Okay. This is embarrassing. Bouncey's attempt at becoming Diana Ross. End of story.

"I'm Sorry" Red House Painters. A recommendation from The Wyckoff Correspondent. Before he ran off with Will Young, he liked Mark Kozalek.

"Open Door" Bodies Without Organs. Another silly track. It's not bad for cheesy pop, but probably should not be on this iPod!

"Reconsider Me" Stevie Nicks. This one is a 198? cover of a Warren Zevon song. Everybody has covered this song because it's a secret classic. Check out Chrissie Hynde's just-released version on iTunes.

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" George Michael. Some might find this cover a bit mush, but his voice is crystalline on it, really pure. He is a brilliant singer determined to kill himself with a thousand tiny cuts, isn't he?

"Apocolyptic White Trash" Sandra Bernhard (MP3). This is a piece from her 1988 one-woman show Without You I'm Nothing. About nuclear war coming, Sandra surviving with Tina Turner and fantasizing that Sean Penn is dead ("Awwww fuck, don't tell me Sean is deaaaaad!?"). Expect more on Sandra this week...

"Return Of The Mack" Mark Morrison (MP3). Brit soul pop a la 1995ish. This is one of those songs that I never get bored of - it Makes. Me. Happy.

March 24, 2006

Do you recognize this woman?

There is a clue further down this page and more pictures here, plus two MP3s:

"If There Was A Man"

beautiful vocals on this one

great lyrics - this one is my favorite

Friday's links

Really Saying Something has a great 80's pop song from Jane Weidlin called "Rush Hour" - produced, I believe, by the esteemed Stephen Hague who is now working on The Modern's debut.

Zappin' ItTo Ya has several mixes of the new BWO song "Temple Of Love" which I dislike. Most people love this, but it's just too Eurotrash for me. Sounds ironically like a World Cup anthem.

For the indie kids, check out the lovely new Brit band Fields. I found out about them from Torr and I think their track "Song for The Fields" is stunning. It's one of those songs that starts out in one place and ends up somewhere entirely different.

March 23, 2006

March 22, 2006

Tonight's news

Prince's new CD 3121 is not nearly as good as its wishful-thinking reviews. It does have a few decent songs, including "The Word" and "The Dance." I believe the latter track goes back some 20 years. Don't even get me started on the uber-tacky photos that he includes in the CD booklet - pics of his tacky LA manse. Why not download this lovely Prince instrumental, "Alexa de Paris" instead? It was used in the yacht scene above, with Kristin Scott Thomas, in Under The Cherry Moon. UPDATE: I already sold the Prince CD!

Amy Millan of Stars has her debut solo record, called Honey From the Tombs, out in May. Find an authorized first taste, called "Skinny Boy," at I Guess I'm Floating. UPDATE: Boring song, but better than Jenny Lewis.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are offering a sneak sample of their classic rock-ish new single "Dani California" from the new Stadium Arcadium epic. The sample comes in at about 2:22 of the video trailer.

Madonna has a three-disc remix LP out soon, in vinyl only. Consider yourself warned that the remixes, all from Stuart Price, are a mixed bunch. His re-do of "Get Together" is a major disappointment, while "I Love New York" fares better. I suspect her live performances will feature the Paper Faces mix he did for "Let It Will Be" - that one changes the melody. Meanwhile her recent "Sorry" mixes all come in friendly "radio edits" on iTunes.

Douglas Coupland writes a terrific Morrissey non-interview in The Observer. Check it out. I am liking this record more and more, but it's a grower. Meanwhile, stream Il Mozolini's new CD.

Kids these respect

Quote from "shakeitondown" on the PopJustice message board:

"Simon LeBon looks like Richard Nixon in a Lady Diana Spencer wig."

really, that is the quote of the year...

March 21, 2006

Robyn: Tasty like a French trombone?

Awhile back I posted about the fabulous Swedish pop star Robyn.

Tonight I want to put up her hilarious Curriculum Vitae, satire on hiphop artists' tendencies (hello, Mary J!) to tout personal achievements on their CDs. Love how this gets more outraegeous as it goes, from her Tetris score to the fact that Robyn was "wartime consigliere to the Cosa Nostra." I mean, who knew that she is listed in Section 202 of a UN act?!

I also enjoy listening in the gym to her fucking hilarious "rap" song "Konichiwa Bitches." My trolls know I have been saying that phrase a lot lately...I sponged it off of Robyn. I particularly love the part of the rap at the end, when they lock her in a car trunk and it sounds as if she is rapping through the hood.

Curriculum Vitae MP3 exp
Konichiwa Bitches MP3 exp

These will be up for one week only. If you'd like to purchase Robyn's last CD, from which these tracks come, the cheapest easy spot is via Amazon UK Marketplace. She is totally worth the cash money!

How To Sell A Record, Part 1:

take note Lucas, nips move product.

Finally. Keane has officially announced their new album Under The Iron Sea, which will be released in the US on June 20 and the rest of the world a week earlier on June 12. Song titles (unconfirmed) include: Nothing In My Way, Hamburg Song, Try Again, Is It Any Wonder?, The Iron Sea, Put It Behind You, The Frog Prince, Bad Dream, Broken Toy, Crystal Ball, Leaving So Soon?, Atlantic, and Bad Dream.

"Atlantic" will be a download-only single, released in mid-April, followed by "Is It Any Wonder?" as the first official single, out on May 29th. The good news is that PJ (who would know) reports that the CD is great.

picture courtesy of
New PSB shot, courtesy of PopJustice...

Here is what I know:

New single: called "I'm with Stupid" and released on May 8, with a video starring David Walliams and Matt Lucas (of Little Britain).
New album: called Fundamental, released on May 22. There will also be a limited two-CD special edition with a bonus CD (Fundamentalism) of dance tracks and mixes.
Some upcoming album covers I like...

Reintarnation by k.d. lang - nice Clash reference, though Michelle Shocked did it better (in spirit anyway).

The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living by The Streets
Very Elton John, though I hate the cheap logo at the top.
And this will surely be the worst album cover of 2006...

Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sorry, I only have a small image of this.

March 20, 2006

If you have a heart...

This is not cheap, fast music. It's music that weighs heavy in the heart, with words that comfort and teach. In 1992, June Tabor recorded this amazing Bob Franke song called "Hard Love" for her album called Angel Tiger. The Wyckoff Correspondent sent it to me - he said he thought it reeked of me (he's right!). I recently read a comment that Tabor made about this song, something to the effect that just when you think you have heard every aspect of love covered in song, you come across a gem like this, which offers a new experience of the most complicated emotion.

Not everyone gives or gets love the same; I think many of us have known someone who gives "hard love" - or maybe you are that person yourself. People who know me might have heard me say that humans are sometimes like cats: they may not come running to sit on your lap, they may not like to be held, but if you pay attention, watch them, you might notice how they stay in the room that you are in, or sit at the farthest corner of your bed. They may be facing away from you, but they are on your bed and not in some other room. They love you the way they can.

This blog is really about pop music, so I tend to ignore this whole other realm of songs that I love. I am posting an MP3 of this track for one week in hopes of giving you something totally different and exposing you to June Tabor. The CD is also on iTunes.

Hard Love
Words & Music by Bob Franke

I remember growing up like it was only yesterday
Mom & Daddy tried their best to guide me on my way
But the hard times & the liquor drove the easy love away
And the only love I knew about was hard love

It was hard love, every hour of the day
When Christmas to my birthday was a million years away
And the fear that came between them drove the tears into my play
There was love in daddy's house, but it was hard love

And I recall the gentle courtesy you gave me as I tried
To dissemble in politeness all the love I felt inside
And for every song of laughter was another song that cried
This ain't no easy weekend, this is hard love

It was hard love, every step of the way
Hard to be so close to you, so hard to turn away
And when all the stars and sentimental songs dissolved to day
There was nothing left to sing about but hard love

So I loved you for your courage, and your gentle sense of shame
And I loved you for your laughter and your language and your name
And I knew it was impossible, but I loved you just the same
Though' the only love I gave to you was hard love

It was hard love, it was hard on you, I know
When the only love I gave to you was love I couldn't show
You forgave the heart that loved you as your lover turned to go
Leaving nothing but the memory of hard love

So I'm standing in this phone booth with a dollar and a dime
Wondering what to say to you to ease your troubled mind
For the Lord's cross might redeem us, but our own just wastes our time
And to tell the two apart is always hard, love

So I'll tell you that I love you even though I'm far away
And I'll tell you how you change me as I live from day to day
How you help me to accept myself and I won't forget to say
Love is never wasted, even when it's hard love

Yes, it's hard love, but it's love all the same
Not the stuff of fantasy, but more than just a game
And the only kind of miracle that's worthy of the name
For the love that heals our lives is mostly hard love

©1982 Telephone Pole Music Publishing Co. (BMI)

One last thing: I wrote this post and then decided to link above to the album it is from. Note the image that June Tabor chose for the cover. And a note to Tremble Clef - this is an attempt to give you a great song, especially after you got me obsessed with Memphis!

Jordan Goes To Americaaaaaaah

OH MY GAWWWW! Only you Brits or Anglofuckers like me will get this, but look who is all cleaned up for American Vogue this month? It's slutty JORDAN! Source

This handsome man

The Roman air has done Morrissey very well. Here he holds an album cover by Sacha Distel - the man on the backdrop for his new tour. See Torr for more on that.

PS: My AOL is fixed.

March 17, 2006

An open letter to Morrissey

Dear sir,

Now that your heart is officially free and you've been feeling hands upon your knees, I have taken it upon myself to find you a mate. Heretowith I give you Pick #1, Johnny Lloyd Rollins. Take look at the photos above, dear sir, and let me know if I should arrange an assignation. Waste no time. The kegs between your legs are explosive, you know.

XO, Xolondon

Something for the weekend...

So my computer now has multiple problems. I uninstalled the AOL and tried to reinstall it before I realized that the system does not recognize there is a D drive anymore. Eek! I cannot even rip music onto my itunes, so I must be content with my current library ("4200 songs and not one I want to hear!"). So it'll be at least 4 days before that is fixed. In the meantime here are some things you should look out for...

PSB: The new Pet Shop Boys single is now on Spark*Pop. It's called "I'm With Stupid" and it's replete with late 80's/early 90's production values from Trevor Horn. It grows on you, but it's not exactly a classic. Lyrics about Bush'n'Blair, listen close!

The Modern: In the same post from above, Spark*Pop has two songs from The Modern: the genius "Industry" (the best song Berlin never released) and another cut called "Sometimes."

Sugababes: I've already blazed about the 'babes Arctic Monkeys cover and now there is a Hard Fi cover too! It's "Living For The Weekend" which they did for Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show and you can get it at M3online.

Josh Rouse: Caffeine-Headache posts the best song from new Josh Rouse CD. "It Looks Like Love" is as breezy as a pantyless Rula Lenska rollerskating in a sundress down a Côte d'Azur boardwalk. Right?

Edwyn Collins started his musical career in a group called Orange Juice. They have a track called "Rip It Up" that is one of the top 50 80's classics, but most Americans don't know the song. You can get it via the always bitchin' Silence Is A Rhythm Too.

March 16, 2006

MP3 of the day

Obscure Sound posts one of my Top 10 favorite Divine Comedy songs, "Our Mutual Friend." It has no chorus, but it's a story song about the rush of meeting someone new. It's beautifully orchestrated and more than a little wistful, especially in the sweeping final minutes.

March 15, 2006

Is Lourdes trying to strangle Rocco?

This pic has been going around the blogs. You can just tell he's a little pistol.
MP3 of the Day is on Six Eyes. It's "Joy!" by the underrated Gay Dad, whose 1999 album Leisure Noise is well worth buying (and costs virtually nothing). Act fast! It's a great pop/rock/disco track.

Pretenders: "Cats like me and you"

Yesterday Pretenders released Pirate Radio, a 5 disc box set (4 CDs and 1 DVD). There's been almost no news about this, perhaps because they are not as well-known now they used to be, which is sad sad sad. Chrissie Hynde's voice remains near-perfect after 25 years in music and her songs are still so strong. Their last CD, 2002's punnily titled Loose Screw, is a gem - their best since 1986's Get Close.

Chrissie is great for collectors because she is constantly recording
soundtrack songs, charity CD tracks, duets, guest spots on other folks'records. Some of her best songs are from this pirate body of work. The box set does a nice job of collecting her best tunes, but misses many of these rare tracks, perhaps due to legal issues. You can stream a sampler of the new set now.

My Top 10 Pretenders tracks are:

1 Revolution
I love the intricate, rebellious lyrics on this song:
"Looking for the grand in the minute / Every breath justifies / Every step that we take to remove / What the powers that be can't prove / And the children will understand why."
2 Don’t Get Me Wrong
Pop classic that reminds me of a happy time in my life.
3 I Should Of
From 2003. God I love this, especially when she sighs "Fuck. I really miss you." Yes, the title is an example of poor grammar.
4 Back On The Chain Gang

A wistful classic.
5 Hymn To Her
Who doesn't love this song?
6 Where Has Everybody Gone? not on box set!
One of their James Bond songs - the barling horns are great.
7 If There Was A Man not on box set!
This should have been the theme for The Living Daylights, not a-ha's song. Her vocals are awesome on it - she is a highly underrated singer.
8 Kid
In my opinion this is the song that most deserves to be covered for years to come. Gahhhh, the lyrics are so fucking sad: "Your eyes are blue / But you won't cry I know / Angry tears, are too dear / You won't let them flow."
9 You Know Who Your Friends Are
Another recent song.
10 Night In My Veins
A hit single about hard fucking on the hood of a car! Love the delirious end:
"I've got my head on the curb and I can't produce a word!"

I'd like to post, for one week, a rare MP3 - also not on the box set! -a song that is one of my favorites. It was written for Chrissie by Diane Warren (!) and included on a soundtrack for a movie called The Other Sister.

March 14, 2006

Lloyd Cole update

How have I never seen this picture of Lloyd Cole?! It must have been taken in like 1983, back when he was a young, beautiful literary rebel. You can get a huge version of it at the watermarked link. Lloyd has posted rough mixes of two tracks from his upcoming 2006 release, Antidepressant (working title):

I Didn't See It Coming and The Young Idealists

I have to admit I am not terribly excited. Idealists could end up jaunty, but I Didn't... just lays there. Having said that, I need to wait and see what the final outcome is. I'll buy it no matter what! In his most recent studio journal (you have to open up each entry) he says that the album is more pop than folk and more "exapnsive" than he thought it would be.

Bonus track: 1987's classic pop song Jennifer She Said (wma file)

Meanwhile! A Scottish group called
Camera Obscura has a new single due in May called "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" - more news when I get it!

March 13, 2006

Today's newsy bits (Beatle reference avoided)

1. Some videos to watch: Kelis "Too Bossy" / Lorraine's "I Feel It" / Sugababes "Red Dress" / Franz Ferdinand "The Fallen"

2. Ever the dick, Kanye West gives Arctic Monkeys a compliment by comparing them to Genesis?

3. Stylus reviews Neko Case's new CD. This is an opaque review: they give her a lowly C+ and then alternate between praise and condescension. Strange.

4. For those who know Roddy Frame (aka Aztec Camera), he has a new album (untitled) due out on April 24.

5. For those troll who know Alexis "Bad Haircut" Strum, it appears her album has been cancelled! Her newest single was pretty tepid - they did a video, but cancelled the single release. I suspect she may be switching labels, so stay tuned.

6. Goldfrapp is everywhere except on the road. There is still no US tour: LA and Austin only, with no future US dates scheduled! Good luck to them! Tonight (3/13) they are on Jay Leno and last night their song "Ride A White Horse" was playing in the background on The Sopranos.

7. ....Which reminds me, how 'bout the last 5 minutes of the premiere of The Sopranos!? The whole ep. was crackin' but I think we know how this cliffhanger will turn out...

8. A fan review of Pet Shop Boys new CD Fundamental, now pushed back to late May. He's mixed about it and the thread devloves into crazy fan fighting! Seems like the songs to watch for, based on several reviews, are "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show," "Integral" and the new single "I'm With Stupid" which is rumored to be about Bush and Blair.

9. Finally, Little Britain's Series 3 begins this Friday (3/17) night on BBC America. Tune in bitches!

Update: A Blender piece on "Heart of Glass" (source)

March 12, 2006

Once I had a love and it was a gas

Deborah Harry just gave an interesting little interview to the Pop Candy blogger girl from USA Today. I read that blog every day, btw.

Xolondon's machine:

"It’s mom, ummm, I saw a singer today on Oprah that I really liked called… David Blunt? Have you heard about him? From England? He’s got some kind of a CD about bedlam? Very interesting character. Call me sometime. Bye Bye!"

Oh. Dear.

Jane Birkin's renaissance

I recently did a swoony post on the uberness of Charlotte Gainsbourg. Now her sultry mother, Jane Birkin, is about to release a cool new English language CD, Fictions. Jane has ripped a page from Marianne Faithfull and teamed up with a number of younger artists to record new songs. The lead track, called "Home", is by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy (see post below). Other songwriters include Magic Numbers, Beth Gibbons and Rufus Wainwright! Here is a tracklist:

Home (Words and music by Divine Comedy)

Alice (Words and music by Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan)

Living in limbo (Words and music by Gonzales)

Waterloo station (Words and music by Rufus Wainwright)

My secret (Words and music by Beth Gibbons)

Où Est la Ville (Words and music by Dominique A)

Steal me a dream (Words and music by Magic Numbers)

Sans Toi (Words and music by Cali)

Harvest moon (Words and music by Neil Young)

La reine sans royaume (Words and music by Arthur H)

Image Fantôme - pavane pour une infante défunte (Composed by Maurice Ravel, adapted by Hervé Guibert)

No samples or MP3s yet, but I will try to follow-up on this at some point.

March 10, 2006

Kelis is bosssaaaay

Kelis released a terrific CD in 2004 called Tasty. She is most known for her massive hit "Milkshake" which seeped (heh heh) into the pop culture with the line "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." Can we discuss what that meant? I assumed it was a blowjob reference? Any thoughts, trolls?

The truth is that the CD had even more kickass songs than "Milkshake," from the sweetened pop of "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" to the serious emotionalism of the beeyooteefull "Marathon." She even had the requisite Andre 3000 cover ("Millionaire") which was better than most of the Outkast CD. Kelis is admirable for being more than a hip-hop dolly. She has a brain and infuses her work with all sorts of influences, including rock and pop. In 2005, she even recorded a faithful version of Pretenders' classic "Brass In Pocket" (see below) for a movie soundtrack.

Now she's back this June with Kelis Was Here, featuring collabs with Nas (Kelis' husband), flavor-of-the-month-producer, Linda Perry, Scott
Storch, Raphael Saadiq and even Max Martin. No details other than that... except that she's ditched the Donna Summer look (above) for a shortter, asymetrical 'do that's an homage to Salt'n'Pepa. Scary!

As promised, Pete Burns and Morrissey, v. 2006

It's a slow afternoon on the reference Desk, so I will take a moment to to post, as I promised a few days ago, some very recent 2006 photos of Morrissey and his former... gal pal... Pete Burns. Who do you think aged better, hmmm?

The Pete pic reminds me that I was confronted today with a much-carved tranny at Starbucks. She was wearing an eyelet mini-skirt.
If you know what eyelet is, let me say that there was no fabric underneath, just panties. Her face looked very much like Pete's - fake cheebones and big red duck lips. Muy caliente chica drama in Dupont Circle! Willam would totally not have approved!


Sugababes do Arctic Monkeys, live.

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984

"That shit takes my breath away"

It is a beautiful day in DC, sunny and 70's, and I walked a slightly different way to work, feeling the romantic feelings of spring! My listening choice for my walk was "Freedom Road" by The Divine Comedy. This song starts a bit dirge-like, but blossoms beautifully.

We are so overwhelmed right now by the world's disgust with America (and with ourselves) that it is nice to be reminded of positive images of this country. I love these lyrics toward the end of the song:

Well I've seen the power of the lightning storm,
I've seen the endless ears of corn,
I've seen the lakes at the break of day,
And that shit takes my breath away.

But if I were to even start
To tell them how it melts my heart,
Never more would my truck-stop friends
Look me in the eye again.

This from Neil's 2004 CD Absent Friends, a great album. Note that this is a Windows Media file, so it won't open in itunes. Sorry! You can get the song on iTunes.
The above photo, of the street I work on, is copyrighted 2003, by Keith Stanley, from his website

March 9, 2006

Today's MP3 from Christine Lavin

Are you sensitive Suzanne Vega type? Do you write poetry under trees (or on subways)? Do you carry a wooden basket as a purse? ? If so, you need to listen to Christine Lavin's hilarious song "Mysterious Woman" courtesy of the smart Keep The Coffee Coming. If not, you still need to listen to Christine Lavin's hilarious song "Mysterious Woman." It's not just the lyrics that satirize Ms. Luka, it's also the melody, the middle eight, the arrangement. Sample lyric:

I could get into mysterious mood
watch me ask the bartender
for a drink he cannot make
watch me order mysterious food
food even Julia Child
cannot pronounce right
from cookbooks that time has forgot
then maybe I will read
Crime and Punishment for fun
then again, maybe not

March 8, 2006

Morrissey in too deep

Is he gay or is just an Englishman?

Pete Burns, lead singer of 80's band Dead Or Alive, and newly renaissanced as an attention seeking trannie, is shopping a book he claims spills the deets on an 80's affair with Our Man of Manchester, Morrissey.

In those days, Pete Burns was actually good looking. He was one of those genderfuckers who, like Marilyn, managed to look decent as either sex (bone structure!). So the physical connection is not outraegeous, but the actual relationship seems a bit hard to swallow (heh heh), doesn't it? Wait trolls! This Smash Hits joint interview from April, 1985 is being floated around the web as evidence.

Pete was married for many years, but we now know that was a bit of sham. Here are some choice bits for you to amongst yourselves!

Morrissey said: "Before I met Peter I had a very strange impression of him .... deep down inside, as time began to pass, I began to really concentrate on this specimen..."

Then they met. In a toilet.

Pete said, "Everybody wants him to say he's a clapped-out old drag queen, but he isn't and so he won't say it."

Then Pete says, "It does seem at the moment to be a friendship made in heaven, doesn't it? We had a screaming row the other night -- it was an absolute screamer. I blew my top."

Morrissey concurs: "It was horrible. It was terrible" and later says, "He sent me 26 roses when it was my birthday and I sent him 48 naked sailors."

Pete says, "You provocative little minx, you."

Though I took those quotes a bit out of context, you need to read the interview! I wonder what Il Mozolini thinks of his old mate now? Stay tuned for a nice recent piccie of Mr. Burns.

Fall Out Boy: Shake yer dix

Today's mini (or decently sized) rock scandale on the web is Pete Weitz's cock! Pete is in the hot-with-TRL-crowd group Fall Out Boy, featured in a fashion spread in the new Rolling Stone. Somehow his self-pics of his penis have made it to the web - and everyone is seeing them because Trent covered it on Pink Is The New Blog. Needless to say, NSFW. Is this a new trend, should I jump on it, so to speak?

Neko Case tracks online

Go to The Camera As Pen for three beautiful new Neko Case songs. I especially love the title track from this amazing new CD, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. Look for a review very soon.

Confessions from the Pod

I am not this clever - the references / images below are from a thread on PopJustice. Nonetheless, I wanted you all to see this...

First, the new cover of Out with Madonna. Horrific! Doesn't she retain photo control?

Second, everybody's first thought about that cover...

Third, a nice mockup by wicked PJer Clarke:

Do you think she was sucked into some swamp water one night, like those people on that Invasion show?

March 7, 2006

Please listen to the new and Pet Shop Boys-y song from Lorraine, "Transatlantic Flight" from their website.

Why don't we play I'll wear your star

Don't forget to go out and buy Goldfrapp's Supernature today. You won't regret it. The special edition is loaded with extras on a DVD. Meanwhile, if you have been in a convent for a year, you can hear the album for the first time on AOL (thanks Arjan). And yes, that is "Ooh LaLa" playing in the Coke commercial where the girl gets a haircut.

March 6, 2006


There's such a wire thin line between good pop and bad pop. Sometimes the cheap and tacky songs are the most euphoric, but sometimes they are the most empty. It's been awhile since we last gazed upon pop-lovin' Martin from BWO, a young man engineered by gay scientists somewhere in Sweden. Pop music junkies can get out the lube because April will see the release (heh heh) of BWO's new album, Halcyon Days. The first single will be "Temple Of Love" and it pains me to say I. Do. Not. Like. It. At. All. I heard it via Catchy Tunes of Sweden and it is uber 90's. Whether that's bad or good is up to you, but it sounds cheap and trashy either way.

If you don't know that BWO is Bodies Without Organs and you've never heard one of their songs and you claim to like pop music, then you need to hand over your keys and ID, bitches! OR you can make up time by downloading "Sunshine In The Rain," "Riding Through The Night" or even the schmaltzy "Open Door" from your illegal service of choice. You can even watch the videos. It's damn near impossible to get their music legally in the States, unless you want to pay with your first born.

Quickie backgrounder: Swedish pop. Debut album Prototype launched SEVEN singles, including PYT and Billie Jean. No wait. Not those, but it really did have 7 releases. Consists of The Wizard Alexander Bard (old bald man in shorts), an aging woman who doesn't do much and the aforementioned lead, Martin, blond himbot extraordinaire. Their new album is described by Bard as half "electronic disco" and half "big-sounding orchestrated tracks."

So... a disappointed sigh from me. Let's gather in a crop circle and pray that the remixes are brilliant.

NSFW: Natalie Portman wants to fuck you up!

The Oscars

Brokeback should've won, though it lost to an intelligent film (vs. a "picture" like Geisha). More thoughts:

Loved the clip they used for the Amy Adams Junebug nomination
When did JLo become black? Was that a Mystic accident? Get RID of her.
WHAT IS Travolta's hair? It's like Ken Doll hair.
Diana Ossana looked seriously grave. Smile, lady, you won an Oscar!
Clooney's speech. Bless him. Who knew he would end up making two of the most cerebral movies of 2005?
And who knew the Dawson's Creek teen slut would end up on the front row at Oscars? She looked great though.
Loved the Will F / Steve C makeup award, but Stiller kind of grated.
Lauren Bacall is 82!
Dolly looked like she could not have cared less that she lost. She rocks forever.

Why don't they just announce Jack (Nicholson) and send out Owen Wilson instead?
Ungghhh! Salmita! Salmita! Unnghhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Madonna looka lika pretty man. Is that her tribute to Transamerica?
Who thought it was good to have the orchestra playing throughout the speeches? Rude!
Naomi Watts' dress looked like shredded human flesh. Awful to the extreme.