February 4, 2006

Shuffle me good.

This got a good response last time, so I do it again, shamelessly:

"My Romance" by Carly Simon
An old standard that I love, so call me a schmaltz.
"Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams
Po' Ryan, how can he ever top this chorus? His best song? Maybe yes.

Come pick me up

Take me out
Fuck me up
Steal my records

Screw all my friends behind my back
With a smile on your face
And then do it again
I wish you would

"Walk And Talk Like Angels" by Toni Childs
A musical version of looking at a photograph of yourself as a sweet child. From a perfect album.
"Kitsune" by Alfie
I have no clue about this song. I just haven't deleted it because I sold the CD and need to decide if I want it. Reminds me of some 70's song, but I can't place it.
"Stars" by Simply Red
Hmmm. this particular mix reminds of someone. Strange, that! Do you know this song? It's lovely, but he is not as good now.
"Filthy /Gorgeous" by Scissor Sisters
I have not played this for ages and I'm reminded all over again how great this group is. I love the male voice on the chorus that goes "gorgeous!" in the background. So cute. Wrap your fuzzy with a big red bow.
"Bored By Dreams" by Marianne Faithfull
Yeah! This song always thrills me. I love how she speaks at the end: "After a certain age, every artist works with injury."
"Macro" by Depeche Mode
Oh dear! Do I like this song? It's Martin Gore at his most uncontrolled and melodramatic: "whispering cosmmmoossssssss"!
"For Your Babies" by Simply Red
Twice? This song is the most beautiful he's ever done. Lyrically, it's sung from a man whose wife has had a baby: "The pain that she goes through contained in the hope for you"
"Hush Sweet Lover" by kd lang
Ahhhh, kd. Maybe it's a fuck song? Or more precisely, an after-fuck song! She was uber glam in the video. I actually think kd breaks all "rules" of beauty. I'd do her.

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Trasha said...

kd is my FAVORITE--i agree about the video/song. my favorite song by her, though, is "helpless" (neil young cover)