February 13, 2006

Raised on the Good Book Jesus till I read between the lines

Surely one of the greatest songs EVER. This one works almost every time it is covered, but now you can hear the original. "Stony End" by Laura Nyro - available via Number One Songs In Heaven . If you are a pop baby who doesn't know this song, hop on it!

How catchy is the chorus? (I have added some emphasis to the lyrics...)

Goin' down the stoney end
I never wanted to GO
Down the stoney ennnnd!
Mama, let me start all o-o-over
Cradle me,
Mama, cradle me againnnnnnnnn

I will admit I like Babs Streisand's version because of the way she squeals MAMA! at the end.

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Deidre Knight said...

Okay, I am such a fan of the Barbara version, and always feel like a queen geek that I love it so much! I'd love to hear the original, but the download link doesn't work anymore. :)

Posted to you on my blog, but am now appearing here on your neighborohood screen.

(the much less mysterious) Deidre