February 24, 2006

Patrick Wolf MP3s online

Veritas Lux Mea has 4 of the best songs (scroll down that page) from Patrick Wolf's incredible 2005 CD Wind In The Wires. On March 30, he is doing a show at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, during which he will perform the whole of his forthcoming album The Magic Position. Kate Bush fans should take note of this guy!


Trasha said...

another great suggestion! i've heard one of the his songs and love his style...can't wait to hear more!

xolondon said...

LOVE that record. It is a true artist's record. Recorded by him and him alone in his mad lab on a cliff (or something like that). My faves are Libertine, Wind In The Wires (U2 should cover it), Teignmouth, Land's End (a record industry song) and Gypsy King.

lucas said...

Have had this for a while, but never took a listen. Will add it to my iPod today. Thanks for the recommendation, as usual!