February 8, 2006

Off topic: Friends till the end?

Okay, I just want to shout out that I LOVE Bill Clinton. Whenever I see him, he is saying the right thing at the right time - and I believe him. He was excellent at the Coretta Scott King memorial. I also liked the unflinching comments of Jimmy Carter and Reverend Joseph Lowery. The Kings stood for non-violent solutions and it must have been hard for Coretta to watch what has happened to this country. I am sorry she had to see the images from New Orleans.

Some fuckstains (hello, Tucker Carlson!) are saying these men were rude and political. Bullshit! I think it is hypocritical of George W. Bush to sit on that stage, carrying on about the Kings when he doesn't really give a shit. His policies, across the board, are not beneficial to most black people in America. Kanye West was right that.

On a side note, I thought it was a riot that Nicolette Sheridan went!

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