February 2, 2006

It'll never be the same

I just heard two new Prince tracks. Hmph. I think that man must never leave the house. "Black Sweat" sounds like "Hot Thing" (from SOTT) - totally locked in time. His usual bullshit James Brown jam with a crunchy beat that is vaguely industrial. Not. good. at. all. This will be the second piece of crap from his upcoming 3121 album, out March 21. That's the usual crap artwork above.

Can I say something nice? "Black Sweat" does have a good title and is notable for this hummer of a line:

I got a new dance yaw
and it’s called the "Shaker Pudding"

Okay, He Who Is Skinny has also done a song for a woman called Tamar- this one is "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed" and it's better, if nothing new. I just don't feel like Prince cares much for melody anymore. He likes a groove and that groove is recycled over and over for years. You Prince fans know what I mean.

Why not just shine it on and watch Dave Chappelle pretending to be Prince?

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