February 6, 2006

George Bush forgot, but Michael did not.

Feb 6 update: I heard the song last night on "Gray's Anatomy" (never watched until last night) and it's very good, though it sounded like a Coldplay song. I have enabled the itunes link below. Click on the image above for the "In The Sun" website.

Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM, is releasing a charity single via iTunes today, February 5th. When The Wyckoff Correspondent told me about this he said, "Chris Martin is on Michael's new charity single" and I said, "What!? What is he doing with him? Michael always exploits a tragedy for press and then never releases the song." It's not Michael Jackson, it's Michael Stipe!

The single is a Joseph Arthur song called In The Sun. It's verry pretty - a piano based balled - and proceeds go to Gulf Coast relief. The six versions are:

1. "In the Sun" featuring Chris Martin (Windows sample)
2. "In the Sun (Jaw Breakers Remix)" featuring Chris Martin, mix by Justin Timberlake

3. "In the Sun Mix 3" featuring Joseph Arthur
4. "In the Sun Mix 4" Michael Stipe solo
5. "In the Sun Mix 5" recorded live with Coldplay
6. "In the Sun Mix 6 (Free Acoustic Couch Rehearsal)" with Joseph Arthur

I cannot help but mention how utterly disgusting George Bush is for not uttering the word Katrina, or really saying anything to Gulf Coast citizens, in the State Of The Union speech. What a greedy, motherfucking pig that man continues to be.


Trasha said...

that is one of my favorite songs--michael had better not fuck it up!!!

vinceruth said...

I'm calling him tomorrow to see if he'll do my show...

xolondon said...

Ooh Vinny, I hope he says yes! I would be surprised if he DID, but you never know!!

CB: Have you heard it yet? It is quite nice and fairly faithful, if a bit more polished up. You are right though that it's a great song. The melody is actually very accessible in a pop way.