February 5, 2006

Babes in bitch fight!

It really is a POP travesty. The bitchy heart of Sugababes, Mutya (in the middle, above), left the group in December, midway through album promotion and just prior to the new single, the Xenomania-produced "Red Dress." Label execs promptly snuck some chick named Amelle in the back door, before the news went to press, and spliced her vocals into "Red Dress." Well, xolondon, who has no life other than music (trust me, this week has proved that to be true!), is not amused! This is the worst news since... Siobhan left Bananarama! We all know they were never the same, unless you were 5 at the time and know no better.

So now they are re-releasing the album with Amelle vocals and art, as below. Why not just record new songs and move on? The funny thing is, Bitch Goddess Mutya, who said she was leaving to spend time with her baby, is already crowing about a solo record. I will be so on that. Her vocals are what make this group so distinctive. Heidi, the blonde, is like a white Alicia Keys, but she's more...makeshift. And Keisha? What good is she, except for implying in Heat Magazine that their single "Ugly" is all about Mutya! So I hope the gnarly diva stomps all over these tired girls with her nine-league suede boots. Fuck them over before they fuck you over, Mutya babe!

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Solomon Grundy said...

Whaaaaat? That's like when the funny-looking one with the cool voice left En Vogue. Her solo career flopped and the band was never the same.

Mutya was the Sugababes.