February 15, 2006

Ahhh, Richard

First, why is the mic red? Is Richard Ashcroft a colorless person?! I think not. We have figured out that his new CD, Keys To The World, will not be coming out in America anytime soon, despite his role as the opener for the upcoming Coldplay tour. Blunderful, label men! It is worth purchasing if you like him, and I'd say it is a real improvement on his last record, despite some very silly lyrics.

The BBC has a webpage called everything you need to know about Richard Ashcroft, but it has nothing about his new CD. Hmmm. A good page nonetheless.

Finally, I'd like for you to each take time from your day and stream my favorite of all his songs...
That link has nothing to do with yesterday's "holiday." I chose to have a non-Valentines dinner with my friend Anne last night. I think it's good to not sit at home on a night like that, don't you? Fight the power, singletons!!


V said...

Yeah I fought the power! It's a double whammy for me cause V-Day is also my B-Day. So my good friend at work arranged a nice night out with a couple of others to go out. We had a really nice dinner out in Tribeca. A place where filmmakers go called DEKK. Nice place. And you get a free movie with your dinner. Right there in the restaurant! :)

I'm glad you went out and had a nice night out.

babs said...

Go peoples. I was at school doing email stuff and went to the library at 1:00 a.m. and if that's not depressing I don't know what is.

The double movie and dinner thing sounds cool.

I did have mac. and cheese after shopping.