January 28, 2006

XO to Blondie: I'm gonna git ya git ya git ya git ya

I fucking love that picture. She is truly the epitome of cool. There will never be someone who pulls it off as effortlessly (or as "louchely"?) as she who is Debby Harry.

The pic is actually the cover of yet another Blondie Best Of, but this one I am getting b/c it has the video too. Due out in America this March. Tracklist:

Disc: 1 (CD): 1. Heart Of Glass 2. Sunday Girl 3. Atomic 4. Call Me 5. The Tide Is High 6. Rapture 7. Maria 8. In The Flesh (Remix) 9. X Offender 10. Rip Her To Shreds 11. Denis 12. (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear 13. Picture This 14. Fade Away And Radiate 15. Hanging On The Telephone 16. One Way Or Another 17. Dreaming 18. Union City Blue 19. Island Of Lost Souls 20. Good Boys (Blow-Up mix) 21. End To End 22. Rapture Riders (Single Edit Bonus Track)

Disc: 2 (DVD): 1. In The Flesh 2. X Offender 3. Denis 4. Detroit 442 5. (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear 6. Picture This 7. Hanging On The Telephone 8. Heart Of Glass 9. Dreaming 10. The Hardest Part 11. Union City Blue 12. Atomic 13. The Tide Is High 14. Rapture 15. Island Of Lost Souls 16. Maria 17. Good Boys


V said...

You know she's wearing a pillow case, right? Yep.

xolondon said...

I should know that you would know the lore! She looks verrrry young there.

babs said...

She's so fantastic.