January 31, 2006

When Tori Met "Husband"

Still reading the Tori book. I love what she says about realizing her husband, Mark Hawley (above), was someone special:

Mark and I did become friends and sort of started confiding in each other. And I remember, one time, he said, "Tell me, why it is that women invariably pull the same kind of men to them? The one that will taste them, eat them, swallow them and them spit them out." In this British accent, I'll never forget it. It's embedded in my mind. That's when I knew this was it. He went on: "Spit them out, leave them at the side of the road, drive away, back up, kick open the door and say, 'You want to go for another ride?'" And I sat there and thought, There are knights in the this world. This is the prince.
- from Tori Amos: Piece By Piece, by Tori Amos and Ann Powers, 2005

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