January 25, 2006

What street compares with Mott Street in July?

Sugartown posts one of my favorite peformances: Blossom Dearie singing "Manhattan." All you Manhattanites (you know who you are!) need to download this one. It's not really the city you know today, but the city you wish you knew today, with a line as delicious as "the subway charms us so / when balmy breezes blow / to and fro."

Her version, slow but not melancholy, I would agree with Sugartown, is probably the definitive. Get it fast!


Unknown said...

Ahhh, love it. I was trying to remember where I'd heard Blossom Dearie before, and specifically I remember Kissing Jessica Stein, which has a nice jazzy soundtrack.

xolondon said...

Another great song to look for (by her) is called "It Amazes Me"

babs said...

Yes,the Kissing Jessica Stein soundtrack is fab. As is Blossom Dearie.