January 13, 2006

Mixtape: Chantel Claret?!

Shake Your Fist has an MP3 of The Bangles excellent mid-80's cover of Big Star's "September Gurls" - that CD this is taken from, Different Light, is one of the best indie-pop/pop-pop CDs of the 80's and deserves a remaster. Shake Your Fist isn't as taken with the cover as I am/was. He points out that Moistworks recently posted their cover of "Hazy Shade Of Winter" - from Less Than Zero and a song of my frosh year of college.

My Old Kentucky Blog has another Morningwood song called "Take Off Your Clothes" - this one is a direct merging of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spririt" and Berlin's "Sex" but sung by The Widow Love. I should note that Morningwood's album is indeed harder sounding than their song "Nth Degree" - Chantel Claret (cough cough!) has two voices: one a babydoll pop voice and the other, a C-Lo imitation voice. You can really hear this in their track "Jetsetter" which is also on the link above. This group - also from fucking NYC - is much maligned for obvious reasons, but that doesn't really mean they are crap.

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good has a brilliant 2004 Rilo Kiley song called "Portions For Foxes" - it's got a terrfic lyric. Check that out too.

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