January 5, 2006

So now I am sick and bored! I have started posting again (see below).

I would also like to say that I cannot believe I ignored Antony and The Johnsons on my Best Of song lists. What a fuckstain I am! I will post on him again soon.

Off topic: Tonight I (unwisely?) decided to make pancakes. Not great for a sick person, but I wanted comfort food. I got out the Bisquik, thought to myself, "This is a little old. Will these suck?" and proceeded to mix it with an egg and some milk. While I was getting out the skillet, like 15 teensy bugs swam to the surface of the batter! They had been living in the old Bisquik! Jesus! How disgusting! I freaked and threw out half of the shit in that cupboard. Instead I had Sirloin Burger soup (another comfort food from youth).

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babs said...

Oh my God. What a moment of ickiness. And there's just no recovering from it for awhile. You have my utmost empathy. I can't quite get into the sirloin burger soup. It skeeves me a bit. Says the woman who eats burgers and italian wedding soup and steak with relish. There's no logic there.